Mythology surrounding hotels Berlin

Myths and mythology have been around since the beginning of time, but where as one person will think that Big Foot is a myth, another will firmly believe the creature is true and some people even claim to have seen it. There have been claims both past and present that the body of Big Foot has been found, the most recent claim is in north Georgia by two men who say that they have a photo and plan to release this along with DNA evidence as definitive proof that they have found Big Foot. These claims have however been made before. A man named Tom Biscardi claimed to have captured Big Foot back in August 2005, it later turned out that this was a hoax, and may be worth noting that the same man was involved in discovering the latest Big Foot body.

Up in the highlands of Scotland there is another such creature which has caused quite a stir in the past. The loc ness monster dates back over 1,500 years, so if this creature is still in the waters of Loc Ness it is very doubtful that it is the same creature that was alive all them years ago. There have been many sightings of the so called monster, these are documented as far back as 1871. People continue to see ‘Nessy’, but is this creature just a myth or does it really exist. Many of the people who have researched into ‘Nessy’ over the years believe that there is something in the Loc but are unsure as to the exact nature. Scientists have done sonar research on the loc and the results are interesting, some of the results come out as inconclusive and that nothing was picked up, but other results show positive, confirming that there is something in the loc. The loc ness monster is described by many as being very large, with a long neck and two humps. So it must be thought by many that if there was something in the waters of loc ness of this size and description then it would almost definitely be picked up. Only the people who have seen the loc ness monster can say for definite if it is a myth or not.

In all corners of the globe there are myths and legends, whether they are true or not can only be confirmed by the people who claim to have seen them. Berlin itself has mythology surrounding it but not in the same way as Big Foot or the Loc Ness monster, more in the shape of the lighting of the Olympic torch, many believe that the lighting of this torch comes from ancient Olympia, in fact the lighting of this torch dates back to 1936 when the organiser of the Olympics Carl Diem wanted to add a bit of glamour to the occasion. The very first torches were produced by Krupp (the company who has supplied weapons for both world wars). However the flame does not signify peace, and has turned into a ritual.

There may not be a big foot or a lochness monster in Berlin, but there are plenty of things to see in Berlin. Berlin is a great place to visit for either a short break or longer holiday, there are many Hotels Berlin to choose from and Tulip Hotels are well worth a look. The nightlife in Berlin has all on offer, whether you are interested in a quiet pint of lager, or a full night of dancing and staying in a hotel in Berlin (Berlin Plaza Hotel - am Kurfürstendamm) really does have it all on offer. In the day time there are many shops and boutiques to visit, as well as much in the way of history and culture.